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WhoDoesNotPayTaxes? Newsletter

Tax avoidance may be legal, but that doesn’t mean it’s good public policy to allow big corporations to engage in it. Because of IWF’s interest in maintaining quality public institutions, we have long focused some of our research on corporate tax avoidance—the legal use of loopholes, credits, deductions and exemptions to minimize state tax payments.

Such tax avoidance means there is less revenue available to support public needs and also there are higher taxes being paid by those who do pay their fair share.

Please see our Publications page for a catalogue of IWF’s tax-related publications over the years.

WhoDoesNotPayTaxes? is a monthly newsletter focusing on all forms of tax avoidance in Wisconsin. It will cover news developments and highlight specific companies that in our opinion are underpaying their share of taxes.

Click here to see "where do the tax data come from?"

WhoDoesNotPayTaxes? newsletters (.pdf versions)

May 2012 - ABC Supply -Diane Hendricks
January 2012 - General Electric
October 2011 -Big manufacturers
September 2011 -SC Johnson
August 2011 - SC Johnson and sister firms
July 2011
- Associated Bank and M & I










Where do the tax data come from?

Wisconsin’s Department of Revenue will provide details on the income tax payments by individuals and companies, if properly requested. This is done using the Department’s Form P-100 (http://www.dor.state.wi.us/forms/misc/p-100.pdf.)

 The request must include not only details about the party whose taxes are sought, but also a fee for each piece of information and a sworn statement acknowledging legal restrictions on how the information can be used. IWF works within those restrictions in order to move the information into the public domain. For example, previously unreleased data are first published by two newspapers, in accordance with the restrictions. The papers are:  the Milwaukee Labor Press and the Union Labor News (Madison).