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IWF’s mission is to:

• Sustain strong communities where effective public structures ensure every person and business has the opportunity to succeed and prosper.
• Promote a revenue system for Wisconsin that generates adequate funding so that local government, school districts and state programs can maintain quality services.
• Strengthen citizen engagement and power in public policy decision making through community education and organizing.
• Champion state and local tax policies that are fair and progressive.


Institute for Wisconsin’s Future (IWF) was established in 1994 to research key state economic policies and use this information to help citizens fight for policies that maximize every individual’s opportunity to achieve educational, economic and personal success.

IWF is a 501 c(3) non-profit, non-partisan statewide public policy research and community outreach organization dedicated to state policies that benefit middle and low income families. Our mission is rooted in the belief that an educated, engaged citizenry is key to improving individual outcomes.

How does IWF accomplish its goals?

IWF plays a vital role in strengthening citizen power with information, training, and public action. IWF provides well-researched, accurate reports to residents statewide through community outreach, presentations and the media. Our role is to bring people and organizations together to work for effective, compassionate public policies related to excellent schools, quality public services, a fair tax system, and family-friendly initiatives.

IWF believes that working with coalition partners and community organizing is vital to our success. We encourage you to learn more about IWF and become involved in your community.

Major funding for IWF comes from the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation and Ford Foundation. Other foundations, organizations, unions and individuals also support IWF.

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